Aren't pigs created by Allah, too?

Modified 24 Jan 2014, 10:36 am

YOURSAY ‘Where in the Quran does it say they have to blot out images of pigs?’

Netizens greet censorship of pigs with dismay

Abasir: It is possible the latest gospel of the deviants now in power has revealed that God did not create pigs. Hence the decision to ensure these four-legged ones do not get the same publicity as the two-legged variety strutting about in Putrajaya.

Nevertheless, we must note and give credit for the compassion embedded in the decision. Only the faces of the pigs were blacked out - not their bodies, legs and tails.

So let's be thankful because it could have been one big black blob. Now that would have been really offensive.

Kilgore: Previously, the New York Times did a story on Chilean students’ 'kissing protest'. These same people censored the picture by painstakingly pasting black boxes over thousands of students' mouths as they simultaneously kissed.

Malaysian public saved again. Taxpayers’ money well-spent.

Baiyuensheng: That's why extremists and racists people cannot uphold the sanctity of their religion.

This is because the devils dwelling inside them have clouded their judgment and turn them to into Satan's zombies. They only have hate, jealousy, insecurity, greed, etc, and these people needs to be purified.

Seriously, at times I pity them - I mean how can they live like this all the time and what more with Satan as their neighbour.

Negarawan: This clearly shows the path of Islam in Malaysia is becoming more extremist with the "holier than thou" mentality. Where in the Quran does it say they have to blot out images of pigs? Aren't pigs created by Allah too?

Osama: Perhaps naked pigs can arose undesirable appetite.

1braincell: I found this essay published 25 years ago. Not only has nothing changed, it appears to be getting worse. But thank heavens for the Internet - that has been the only real catalyst of change.

Not Confused: That’s enough. This country and its inhabitants have gone completely mad - probably from eating too much kangkung.

I'm tired of being ridiculed for living in such an utterly crazy country. I’m packing my bags and leaving for a more mature, intelligent country, run by a government that has some brain cells and demonstrates integrity.

Good riddance and I trust my other foreign friends will join me.

Jiminy Qrikert: Not Confused, I gather from your urging to “other foreign friends” that you are one yourself. What took you so long to come to that decision?

Many, many Malaysians have upped and gone. And many more are going. The news is many of those going are Malays who can no longer stand the utter stupidity in this country.

You should be glad you have freedom of choice. Many Malaysians are simply stuck here. But over time, there will only be the utterly stupid Malays left in this country.

Freethinker: They sure bring sensitivity to the next level. It would we one day illegal to mention the ‘P’ word for English and ‘B’ word for Malay, if this goes on.

Louis: And very soon, images of dogs will be forbidden in Malaysian newspapers.

Anonymous #62211637: In Saudi Arabia, a five-star hotel serves halal food and non-halal food next to each other.

They have a sign in front of the dish in three languages - Arabic, English and French. The staff serving the food are mostly Filipinos. The manager is a Kuwaiti.

The fact that I can enjoy a real pork bacon is proof that our idiots are duds...

Apapunboleh: My Muslim classmate dissected the heart of a pig during our biology class. Knowing the organ has been sterilised, he didn't hesitate in the name of education.

That was in 1978. How that has changed. I would not be surprised one day we will see a Muslim doctor refusing to operate on a patient who consumed pork.

MinahBulat: Of course, the faces have to blotched out because they are pigs. If only the International New York Times had called it hogs, all will be well.

So you think this is a joke? Do you know that it is offensive to use the word ‘babi’? The proper name in ‘khinzir’.

Vijay47: If the government is really serious about not giving any publicity to pigs, then many of our members of parliament should not be shown on TV or in the papers.

Secondly, to safeguard the faith of those whose faith need to be safeguarded, all pigs should henceforth be referred to as elephants. Or giraffes. Or kangaroos. Or whatever.

Now that I am thinking further on it, kangaroo would be a good substitute - at least it would remind all of us of our courts.

No, on third thoughts, better to call them ostriches. It would remind us of our prime minister.

Anonymous #33227154: If one wants to travel the world and keeps one's feet clean, one only needs to wear shoes. Covering the whole world with carpets is not the answer.

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